Mark Siewers Contractmanager since 2019
Annette Biesboer Project Manager since 2013

“I believe in people who learn: it’s better to try something new and adjust or approve it later on rather than to continue making new plans and not making any progress at all.”

Yvonne Korver

"Collaboration is a common thread in my work. It gives me pleasure to connect people and parties."

Simon Kolkman Project Manager since 2010

"I like to build together in an inspiring way and achieve results that are necessary to create sustainable value in construction".

Harry op 't Ende Partner since 2007

“Improving cooperation, processes and products in construction projects gives me satisfaction.”

Wim Wessels Project Manager since 2012

“I believe the quality of cooperation is the key to success. For this reason, I meanly focus on essential preconditions.”

Rob Henneveld Project Manager since 2016

"I believe in pleasure, pride and passion for the work, I like to put people in their strength and act accordingly".

Joost Merema Contract Manager since 2009 Partner since 2015

“My goal is to create a cooperation that’s as effective and efficient as it can be. That goal requires to innovate, renewal and improvement.”

Maartje van Zeijts Contract Manager since 2016

"Finding cooperation through a connection, using people's qualities and working together towards a good result."

Nadine Tegelbeckers

"Often the conclusion of an assignment is seen as the ultimate reward: what drives me is not so much the good end result, but the way that leads to it."

Twan Smitskamp
Stephanie Kraak

"I have an eye for people and like to take the initiative to discuss improvements and implement them."

Wouter Ram Projectmanager since 2018

"I am analytically strong and combine that with a practical approach."

Nancy Tjon-En-Fa Projectmanager since 2018

"Focusing on the person, without losing sight of the purpose."

Camiel de Vries Project Manager since 2014

“I believe in the human factor. Only through cooperation you’ll achieve the best result”.

Iris Stins

"My ambition is to successfully complete complex issues and projects together."

Irma Olink-den Exter Office Manager since 2010

“I believe in cooperation and good communication with my colleagues. I wish to contribute to the positive work climate and reactions from clients.”

Peter Markensteijn Project Manager since 2014

“My motto: It’s all about people”. Methods and procedures are useful and sometimes even necessary. Real results are, however, only achieved if the human factor is included.”

Wolter Scholten Project Manager since 2015

“Achieving results is my biggest motive. I get energy out of complex issues and out of achieving good results.”

David Becking
Wez Haveman
Maarten van der Steen Projectmanager since 2020
Marc van der Woude Projectmanager since 2020
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