About Harry

I love projects. After my study Technical chemistry in Groningen I joined the oil& gas industry. I have a broad technical knowledge, good analytical, organizational and commercial skills and a strategic view. Throughout the years I have grown into a “people’s manager”. For example, I am extremely interested in new motivational- and organizational skills.

What motivates you?

Improving cooperation, processes and products in construction projects gives me satisfaction. Back to basics. Realising wonderful projects together. Learning young people the tricks of the trade. Motivating experienced people to share their knowledge.

What do you believe in?

I believe that I can improve our society by implementing innovative organizational methods.

PRO6 managers contributes to your development and ambition, because…

PRO6 is a family with kindred spirits sharing one clear vision. It’s fantastic to transfer knowledge and experience to young people. It definitely contributes to the realisation of my own goals.

PRO6 managers as organization

We are convinced of the fact that inspiration, connection and fun contribute to ownership and proud and, thus, to permanent results and success. We combine mastership and domain knowledge with a hands-on mentality. We develop our own project/organizational management method (self-management, attention and respect for human beings, respecting values). In short: It’s great to be part of this fantastic team.

For further information, please contact me:

Send an email +31-650665842