About Joost

I have a technical and a legal background and focus on the interface between contract and project. I am proactive, thoroughgoing and result-oriented.

What motivates you?

A contract or tender doesn’t come first. I focus on the final result all parties wish to achieve. Of course, I would like to see all parties fulfil their roles and responsibilities. I prefer complex (not necessarily big) projects in infrastructure or industry, which include the elements design and construct (such as design & construct / UAV-GC).

What do you believe in?

I believe in cooperation between people, rather than companies or organizations. I aim to cooperate as effective and efficient as possible. It requires innovation, renewal and improvement. You can think of other project methods, action management, new contract models or other tender methods.

PRO6 managers contributes to your development and ambition, because…

PRO6 managers offers knowledge, experience and inspiring colleagues. Each PRO6 manager has her/his own specialty and experience. I notice it when I cooperate with colleagues on special projects or specific themes. ‘Our’ Friday, having all colleagues in the office in Amersfoort, is unique and fantastic. We exchange knowledge and experience. A perfect way to start the weekend!

PRO6 managers as organization

A reliable and result-oriented organization willing to cooperate with competent people on wonderful projects.


For further information, please contact me:

Send an email +31-610650479