About Simon

I am energetic, motivated and curious. Never satisfied without being unsatisfied.

What motivates you?

Construction is done by people and it is fantastic to observe the powerful, wonderful cooperation. Besides, connecting people in order to develop and learn together is a wonderful process.

What do you believe in?

Achieving results which are required to create social and sustainable values in construction projects by means of good, inspirational cooperation.

PRO6 managers contributes to your development and ambition, because…

The organization gives me the opportunity to fulfil my ambition: development and growth. Besides, own initiatives are highly appreciated.

PRO6 managers as organization

PRO6 managers is the fastest growing project management organization of the Netherlands. We develop and implement workable solutions allowing a perfect cooperation and , thus, creating successful construction projects.

For further information, please contact me: 

Send an e-mail +31-652653212