HarvestaGG is an ambitious innovative company. They are determined to become a market leader in producing green fuel and in making sustainable products from plant biomass. Their Green Goods concept involves converting grass and other biomass into products including biogas, animal feed and raw materials for bioplastic. The first Green Goods Farm came into being in Ter Apelkanaal in the north-east of the Netherlands. The farm processes specially-grown grasses from two hundred arable farmers in the area: a first for the whole country.

So, through HarvestaGG, PRO6 managers has helped make the world a greener place.

PRO6 managers has been undertaking the project management for HarvestaGG, from scope description to commissioning the installation. The team has advised on the right type of contract, drafted the contractual documents, supported the client in negotiations and conducted contract management during implementation. The contract was agreed with EPC Contractor, which will now bear total responsibility for the design, purchasing, implementation, commissioning and handover. This contract was agreed as per Fidic Yellow Book conditions.

As part of this job, PRO6 managers has supplied an information model (in Relatics) to ensure there is always up-to-date visibility of the situation and that the client can view and tweak the scope, the programme of requirements, risks, changes, progress and other aspects. PRO6 managers also bears responsibility for document management on this project.

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