Information management

In projects, there is always a supply and a demand side to information. Often, such information is vital to the continuation of the project. With this in mind, it is key that you always have the most recent information to hand, that changes are implemented across the board, and that you can rapidly lay hands on the information you’re looking for. PRO 6 managers has addressed this by launching its Visual Info project. Visual Info resolves, or even heads off, numerous project snags. We developed it in order to allow integral management, accessibility and visualisation of all project information. In other words, exactly what you need!

Working with the most recent information ensures the project flows smoothly. That’s why we came up with Visual Info: a centralised, quick and at-a-glance method.

Using Visual Info lets us work on a shared discipline and scope. Visual Info turns the preparatory and starting-up phase into a structured, intensive procedure. You’ll reap the benefits of that consolidation in the design, purchasing and implementation phases, because our thorough preparation means your total project will work better and more quickly and your failure costs will be kept to a minimum.

What could we do for you?

  • Inventorise your information flows and document flows.
  • Work with you to define a project scope that is as clear and complete as possible.
  • Implement principles and methodologies in your project. We pull out all the stops for that.
  • Provide training to allow you to call up quickly the right information at the right moment and start using it.

Up-to-date, correct and complete information is essential to a project, and it doesn’t happen of its own accord.

VISI, BIM and Systems Engineering

We’ll help you to work and to apply fully-integrated information management (encompassing requirements, scope, organisations, documents, work packages, risks, milestones, issues, activities, and more) based on the application of systems engineering. We’re well able to put together your VISI package quickly and practically. If desired, we can supply tools and related solutions and will perform implementation in accordance with ISO 29481-2. Through inventorisation, collaboration and implementation, we ensure clarity of agreement on communications and on client-contractor information exchange.

In a word, we make sure you have the following straightforwardly and in full:

  • division of scope (definitive, temporary, conditions, incl. allocations to organisations/functions)
  • requirements allocation (incl. requirements categorisation, allocations to organisations and document types, verification/validation)
  • risk allocation (design risk, quantities risk, environmental risks, etc.)
  • defining of work packages, milestones planning (Level 1 planning) and activities planning (Level 2 planning), incl. allocations to organisations
  • interface list (primarily for process interfaces)simple structure of documents (incl. document planning, plus management of status and of revisions),

To perform the above, we manage various systems, including Relatics and Conject PM.

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