Organisational Coaching

The success of an organisation tends to depend on internal considerations. Once the internal workings are attuned as best they could be, you’ll be amazed how straightforward a matter it is to resolve knotty issues. PRO6 managers understands better than anyone that an embracing of corporate culture, communication and collaboration are required from everyone involved in the project for it to prove successful.

Despite what many might think, organisational change begins not with the people within an organisation but with the organisation as a whole.” Our organisational coaching gets organisations moving and keeps them moving.

We’ve experienced in our own lives that investing in staff brings benefits: it fosters innovation, creativity and trust. Your staff will become proud of the work they’re doing and will grow enthusiastic about where they work. And that’s your firm! This positive attitude will ultimately lead to improved collaboration, and thus to achieving and topping your project targets. Your client will be pleasantly surprised, and so will you.

What can we offer you?

  • Advisory services. We advise organisations on various aspects of sustained change. In partnership with our clients, we work to improve organisations.
  • Organisational Coaching. For a number of projects, PRO6 managers uses organisational coaching to get project teams moving and keep them in motion. 

 Our strong point is that we combine organisational coaching with knowledge of the profession. Because we’re well aware of the dynamics and challenges you find in complex projects, we can assist your firm or project team to achieve real improvements.

What does organisational coaching involve?

It is a burgeoning method used in the world of organisational psychology. Organisational coaching combines organisational advisory services with coaching, and is geared towards whole-organisation development, and to organisational change. So, as the name itself suggests, organisational coaching does not focus on the individual or the development of the individual. Rather, it is about the whole organisation, and getting it moving and keeping it moving. It is based on several principles:

  • Requirements. An organisation’s requirements are very much one of the basic aspects.
  • Status quo. We start from the current situation within your organisation.
  • Change. Our coach will facilitate your managers in shaping their ideas for change. To help the primary process along, this facilitation is interactive and action-oriented.
  • Approach. The last step the organisational coach takes is making everyone aware of their share of the responsibility for the approach. This is a cross-departmental approach, and independent of hierarchical aspects.
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