Project management

PRO6 managers is characterized by a pragmatic, solution-focused working method. 

PRO6 managers is a firm whose approach to work is pragmatic and solutions-oriented. Our management of projects follows the same principle. Guiding projects along is the basis of our organisation. In construction, everyone works to the same aim: delivering the project on time, within budget, and as efficiently and effectively as possible. We look forward to helping you steer such projects and helping form your thinking along the way. PRO6 managers is no average organisation for project management: we achieve maximum yield thanks to our unique internal organisational structure. Besides, we work only with professionals capable of shedding light on your issues. The make-up of our teams, with a junior, mid-career and senior project manager on each, results in innovative and results-oriented solutions. And, because we have the full range of disciplines in-house, you can be assured that the solution we come up with will be the best one possible for your project.

“Guiding projects along is the basis of our organisation. The interaction of junior, mid-career and senior project managers always throws up unexpected findings, and so we come up with innovative, results-oriented solutions.”

What can we offer you?

  • Project Startup. This service is one to map out your options before you embark on a project, letting you lay sound foundations for the project, with clearly-enunciated duties and expectations. This is also a useful way of getting to know each other in the preliminary phase and making the necessary connections in the team.
  • Project Coaching. Here, we combine a focus on the project outcome with careful attention to project team members’ learning of new knowledge, skills and working procedures.
  • Readiness Review. Here, we undertake a full analysis of your project organisation and issue advice on where there is room for improvement.
  • Project Recovery. If your project is already looking like faltering, we will assist you to recover it such that progress is ensured.

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